Nevada DUI Resources

DUI insurance is Nevada’s attempt to reduce the property damage, injuries, and deaths caused by impaired drivers. Drivers who have been convicted of certain charges are deemed high risk by the state and are monitored more carefully for continuous financial responsibility. Nevada DUI insurance satisfies the state watchdogs while giving you the legal protection you need to continue driving.

Drunk driving fatalities in Nevada have dropped by nearly half over the past five years, but Nevada DUI insurance can still be an expensive investment. JMAC works with a number of reputable carriers to minimize the cost of SR22-related insurance, sometimes undercutting even the cost of traditional liability insurance. Our partnering attorneys may also be able to provide advice to reduce charges, gain a temporary license, or even escape charges altogether.

JMAC offers comprehensive insurance options for any homeowner, driver, or business in Nevada.


Nevada residents convicted of multiple traffic violations, DUIs, reckless driving, or driving without insurance may be court-ordered to obtain SR22 insurance. Not every insurer can initiate the SR22 insurance filings, so JMAC can help you explore your options. In addition, a person convicted of a DUI, whether from alcohol or drugs, may need specific DUI insurance to cover the form SR22 requirements. This DUI insurance must stay in place for up to five years, depending on the seriousness of the violation.


All Nevada residents must maintain adequate vehicle insurance coverage. State minimums are set at $15,000 for a single person’s injuries, $30,000 for the injuries of multiple people involved in a single accident, and $10,000 for property damage arising from that accident. In order to meet the vehicle insurance requirements, Nevada drivers are encouraged to work with a JMAC representative to assess needs, expectations, and cost differences.


In Nevada, Home Insurance protects against structural damage, personal property damage, and liability resulting from an accident or injury on the premises. Too often people wait to insure their house, condo, apartment, or rental property until it is too late. For only a few dollars per month, JMAC can help you create a Home Insurance policy or dwelling fire policy that protects your finances as well as your memories.


Only a limited number of Nevada employers do not have to carry workers comp insurance. JMAC can help you determine whether you fit into the excluded groups and, if not, how much workers comp insurance coverage you must purchase.


Commercial general liability insurance delivers financial protection against those unforeseen accidents and injuries that occur while running a business. In contrast with workers compensation insurance, which pays expenses for employees hurt on the job, general liability insurance covers medical, legal, and property reimbursement expenses for clients impacted during the course of business. A JMAC agent can review the different risk categories and prepare a policy application that fits your company’s unique operating needs.

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